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    Bookmaker Paddy Power, which has become well known for its controversial advertising campaigns in recent years, delivered one of its highest-profile gags yet on Wednesday ahead of the UK General Election, by parking a giant truck outside of Westminster emblazoned with 'You're Getting Sacked in the Morning.'

    The message, which echoes a common football terrace chant aimed at managers under pressure in their jobs, was sent by Paddy Power as a "cheeky reminder" to the nation's elected MPs that many of them faced the prospect of being fired from parliament. 

    It's the second time in a matter of weeks that Paddy Power has sparked controversy with its advertisements by making light of politics. Towards the end of April, the bookmaker intervened in a referendum on marriage equality in Ireland with a billboard advertising campaign which combined gay rights with militant republicanism. 

    The out of home advertisement featured two balaclava-clad males embracing and also carried the message 'Tiocfaidh Ár Lá,' which translates to mean 'our day will come' - a phrase largely associated with the IRA - as well as odds for a 'yes' and 'no' vote in the country's upcoming marriage referendum. 

    The advertisement caused a stir - which was undoubtedly the overall intention of Paddy Power - with many taking to social media to condemn the ad. Spokesperson for Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association, Terry McFarlane, described the advert as "tasteless, irrelevant and unwise."

    As one of the most recognisable brands in betting, Paddy Power has developed a reputation for its controversial advertising campaigns, coming under fire in 2013 for an ad featuring British football players wearing Middle Eastern robes which poked fun at foreign owners of clubs in the UK. The bookies had previously run an ad based around the Ryder Cup golf contest in 2012 featuring (now former) UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and also had an ad banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) which made an inappropriate remark regarding the Oscar Pistorious murder trial.

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    The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) recently announced the winners of the annual OBIE Awards, with the best out of home ads from across the pond honoured for their creativity and contribution to the US advertising industry.

    Now in its 73rd year, the OBIE awards were presented to the brains behind some of the country's best ads, with honours for Best Billboard, Best Transport and Best Multi-Format campaigns all up for grabs.The award ceremony took place at the annual OAAA National Convention in San Diego, California.

    At Out of Home International, we're passionate about outdoor advertising and we love to see campaigns that think outside the box to attract attention. Here are a few of our favourite efforts from the other side of the Atlantic that were victorious in the awards!

    These creative efforts from Oklahoma City-based fast food chain Sonic Drive-In caught our eye, scooping the Best Billboard Campaign award thanks to its 3D straws!

    Outdoor Advertising OBIE Awards Billboard 3D

    Outdoor Advertising OBIE Awards Billboard 3D

    The Best Furniture/Transit/Alternative Campaign award went to this effort from Mankind Fragrance. The 'Be the Evolution' campaign was featured on the New York City subway, urging men to perform good deeds throughout the day, such as giving up a seat on the train, taking a photo for a tourist, or helping to pay for someone's ticket if they were short on change.

    New York Subway Advertising

    Best multi-format campaign was this colourful billboard and transport effort for Seattle Aquarium's 'Amazing Facts' campaign. The ads educated and entertained potential visitors by appealing to children and parents with interesting facts about the aquarium's resident sea creatures.

    Bus Advertising

    Billboard Advertising Seattle

    Billboard Ads Campaign Seattle

    Impressed? If you're looking to launch an exciting and entertaining outdoor ad campaign in the UK or around the globe, don't hesitate to contact Out of Home International today! With a specialist team of outdoor advertising experts, we have the experience and industry knowledge to ensure that our out of home ads are as effective as they can possibly be, with guaranteed results and competitive rates!


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    Pimm's is a drink that has become synonymous with British summer time, and its latest ad campaign is soaking up the summer sun with temperature-activated digital out of home advertisements.

    The creative advertisements are only activated when temperatures reach a minimum of 21°C, and are set to run across 12 digital outdoor screens in busy areas of Birmingham and London. Running for a total of ten days, the ads will run during peak commuter times during the week and during evenings at weekends.

    Pimm's Digital Out of Home Advertising OOH DOOH London Birmingham

    The ads feature a jug and bottle of the famous fruit cocktail, with text reading "best served with sunglasses" accompanied by the temperature of the local area, which changes in real time.

    Joanna Segesser, a Senior Brand Manager at Diageo - the London spirits producer responsible for the likes of Pimm's, Baileys and Smirnoff - said that Pimm's was known as the iconic drink of the Great British summer and that the campaign, through the use of innovative digital out of home technology, would be more effective due to it being linked to sunny weather.

    "We are really excited that for the first time digital out of home technology is allowing us to target consumers at just the right temperature when we know they are most responsive to our messaging."

    If you're interested in developing your own creative digital outdoor ad campaign, get in touch with our experts at Out of Home International today!

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    Back in January, we wrote about an innovative ad campaign in Australia from Porsche which used camera-tracking technology to tailor its message based on what kind of car they were driving. Now, in Moscow, one company has taken things a step further - using facial recognition software to hide an advertisement from the Russian police.

     Don Giulio's ad tries to 'hide' from Russian police officers

    Don Giulio is an authentic Italian delicatessen in the Russian capital, which continues to sell Italian meat, cheese and other ingredients despite a ban last summer on any food imports into the country from the European Union or the United States. 

    In what is certainly a rather brave advertising stunt, Don Giulio has been able to tweak facial recognition software to identify the official symbols and logos on the uniforms of the Russian police, which triggers an advert promoting the delicatessen's fresh Italian produce to switch to an ad for a traditional Russian doll shop. 

    Don Giulio insists that the stunt is genuine, and although we'll never know for sure - you can't imagine the Russian police being too pleased with being tricked in such a way - it highlights the potential that facial recognition and eye-tracking software could bring to the outdoor advertising industry. 

    For instance, if you can track a police badge then there is no reason why the technology shouldn't be able to pick out the logo of a sports team, a clothing brand or the type of shoes someone is wearing in order to display a relevant ad. We've also seen a recent example of this kind of software in the UK with charity Women's Aid's 'Look at Me' campaign, which saw a domestic abuse sufferer's injuries begin to heal as more and more people looked at the advert.

    Want to know more about out of home advertising? To get your own innovative outdoor ad campaign up and running today contact Out of Home International!

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    Last weekend many London commuters were left puzzled my a mysterious crate that appeared in the middle of Waterloo Station on Friday night. The large shipping container was a hot topic on social media, with many Londoners connecting the crate's 'InGen' branding with the iconic Jurassic Park film series - it was the name of the research company that made the recreation of extinct animals possible.

    Jurassic World Velociraptor Waterloo Advertising
    The mysterious container was placed at the station last week

    On Monday all was revealed, as early morning visitors to the station were greeted by four incredibly well-behaved velociraptors who had appeared to break loose from their temporary holding pen. 

    This was, of course, part of a major marketing stunt for the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic World, the latest installment in the much-loved dinosaur franchise which opens in UK cinemas on Friday 12 June.

    Jurassic World Raptors Waterloo
    Monday saw some unexpected visitors arrive at Waterloo...

    In addition to the model raptors, the campaign has also seen a pop-up Jurassic World gift shop open in the station, as well as huge banners, movie posters, looped film footage and an audio and visual tour. In a media first, the tour allows visitors to listen to content on their mobile phone which is synchronised from digital out of home screens. There are also several 'guides' and 'park rangers' scattered around the station who are able to introduce commuters and tourists to the park's different dinosaurs and answer any questions about the species. 

    Jurassic World DOOH Mobile Advertising
    The innovative tour syncs content from DOOH screens to your smartphone

    The brilliant stunt will be on display in the station until 22 June, and there's also the opportunity to see your tweets and selfies appear on a huge video screen by using the #JurassicWaterloo hashtag.

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    For those of us who dwell in major cities and towns, outdoor advertising has become part and parcel of everyday life. From smaller ads on bus shelters or telephone boxes to huge digital billboards advertising major global brands, out of home ads have transformed the apperance of urban areas around the globe for many years. 

    For businesses and brands, outdoor advertising is one of the most important marketing tools available. It offers companies the chance to position their brand identity in front of thousands - often millions - and acts as the ideal medium to reach consumers on the go.

    Outdoor Advertising OOH
    Out of home advertising is a common sight across most cities

    But what do these consumers actually make of outdoor advertising? We all know how effective it can be, but just how popular is it amongst the public?

    An interesting new report - Out of home, into the city: transforming cities by engaging citizens - has been commissioned and published by a leading outdoor ad company this week. It highlights new research into OOH ads across seven European cities - London, Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Brussels, Stockholm and Naples - and reveals that the majority of people feel that outdoor advertising is making a positive contribution to their city. 

    As many as 82% of respondents agreed that outdoor advertising in public, whether that be on billboards, posters or digital screens, revives and has a positive impact on a city - while only 5% of citizens claimed to actively dislike the OOH medium.

    The report suggests that a large percentage of us consciously look to advertising to inform us about brands and consumer goods, with 78% of respondents in London expressing a preference for seeing outdoor advertising in the capital.

    OOH Advertising Outdoor Out of Home Saudia
    Digital out of home formats are also now a major feature of public areas
    It also explores how OOH can be deployed in various ways, often acting as public service boards for residents. In fact, over 70% of us want OOH advertisements to included and supply more information on public events, local services, maps and clocks.

    The findings show that outdoor formats are considered anything but 'visual pollution' by most of us, and prove just how important an effective out of home advertising campaign can be.

    If you're looking to put your advertisements in some of the world's busiest towns, cities, airports and public spaces, our expert team at Out of Home Internationalis available today to get your campaign up and running!


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    An innovative new digital out of home advertising campaign has been launched across Sydney which uses GPS to track mobile lenders and share their location in real time.

    Brisbane's Suncorp Bank has launched the campaign, which is aiming to raise awareness of its mobile loan lender services.

    Suncorp DOOH Advertising Sydney Australia
    The DOOH ads feature in some prime locations, including Sydney's Central Station

    It is running across several digital billboards in the famous Australian city in some prime locations, such as Central Station. It allows the people of Sydney to see when a mobile lender is within close proximity, as well as to get an idea of the coverage of the lender network across the region. It has been made possible thanks to a collaboration between Suncorp, Adshel and technology brand Starcom Brisbane, who are responsible for the creative production of the campaign.

    "This campaign allowed us to showcase the convenience and breadth of Suncorp Bank's mobile lending network in real time," said Suncorp brand manager Kelly Brightwell.

    "We are passionate about taking advantage of innovative media solutions and this collaborative project has helped deliver great cut-through."

    If you're looking to launch an exciting digital out of home advertising campaign of your own in the UK or the rest of the world, get in touch with Out of Home International today!


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    Former Manchester United and Republic of Ireland captain Roy Keane has began legal proceedings against notorious bookmaker Paddy Power, following an out of home advertising campaign that used his image without his consent.

    The midfield icon clearly took offence to the use of his image in an ad campaign that portrayed him as William Wallace from the movie Braveheart. The OOH advert was displayed on a large truck that was driven around Dublin and parked outside of the country's national stadium on the day of Ireland's Euro 2016 Qualification match against Scotland in June.

    Paddy Power Advertising Roy Keane
    The controversial ad hasn't gone down well with the former midfielder

    The poster was a direct reference to the recent Scottish Independence referendum, designed to taunt visiting Scotland fans. 

    The Irish bookmaker, famed for its frequently controversial advertising campaigns, could potentially face a bill of around €100,000 if Keane wins the claim that the billboard was an infringement on his image rights.

    A spokesperson for Paddy Power was quoted as saying that the matter "is with the lawyers, obviously we can't talk about it, but hopefully they don't take our freedom to have a bit of craic."

    It's the second time that the bookmaker has been in the news in the past month, after another recent campaign in Calais jokingly encouraged illegal immigrants to jump into their lorries - but only if they were good at sports.

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    Digital out of home advertising is becoming an increasingly popular way for brands to stand out from the crowd and make a big impression on residents and commuters in some of the world's busiest cities.

    By combining the familiar platform of traditional out of home advertising with exciting new technology, DOOH offers brands the opportunity to think outside the box with their campaigns and make an impact on their perfect target audience.

    Digital outdoor ads aren't just useful for getting you noticed on the street, either - DOOH campaigns bring with them incredible social media power. Pepsi Max's famous 'Unbelievable' campaign, which combined a bus shelter with augmented reality, has racked up over seven million views on YouTube, and well over 120,000 mentions, likes and shares across Twitter and Facebook. The right digital outdoor campaign can really get people talking online - check out the video below.

    Digital OOH ad spend grew by over 27% last year, and now comprises around a quarter of UK out of home spend in total. This overall figure surpassed £1 billion for the first time in 2014, and it's undeniable that the rise of digital outdoor advertising has played a key role in this staggering growth.

    The average global consumer is exposed to various digital out of home media for a total period of 14 minutes each week, with investments in DOOH ad space expected to grow by 14.2% year-on-year until 2017. 

    At Out of Home International, we work with a range of traditional and digital advertising formats to bring you cost-effective campaigns that can help to make a big difference for your brand.

    Get in touch with us today to find out more!


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    This week saw Ocean unveil its impressive new digital advertising screen on the site of Manchester’s Printworks building.

    The Printworks is pretty iconic in Manchester. Personally, I use it regularly as a reference point to support my terrible direction-giving abilities. To others it’s the go-to place for a meal or the cinema. According to Wikipedia, The Printworks is an urban entertainment venue offering a cinema, clubs and eateries.

    This makes the Printworks the ideal place to host the city’s latest screen screen, which at 13.44 x 7.68m screen dominates the side of the building.

    Close to Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, the new Printworks screen is ideal for targeting ABC1 consumers, including the affluent retail market, those with lavish lifestyles, career climbers and the city sophisticates. Ocean’s website reveals the spot as generating 916,923 impacts per fortnight and the audience demographics as being a 50/50 gender split, with 52% of audiences falling into the ABC1 category.

    Samsung has been the first brand to take up the digital OOH offering, and we predict many more being hot to follow in their footsteps.  

    Out of home advertising remains one of the UK’s leading formats, with 7 out of 10 people being able to recall an outdoor ad that they’ve seen or heard in the last month.

    As for Manchester, it’s been reported as being the fastest growing tech city, with revenues increasing 74 per cent year-on-year. This latest, impressive addition to the city’s growing collection of digital screens is just one of example of how Manchester is blazing a trail with advertising innovation.

    Want to know more about the digital outdoor options available in your city? Get in touch!


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    A series of controversial billboards and posters have made the headlines after appearing in London this weekend, accusing the Metropolitan Police of corruption and responsibility for deaths in custody. The posters have appeared in several locations across the capital, including just outside the Met's headquarters at New Scotland Yard and the Royal Courts of Justice.

    Metropolitan Police Poster OOH Advertising London

    It has been alleged that anarchist network Special Patrol Group and magazine Strike! are the ones responsible for the controversial campaign, which mimics the current 'Confidence' campaign being run by the Police. 

    Metropolitan Police Poster OOH Advertising London

    Referencing instances of police bribery and a high number of deaths in police custody, the campaign has utilised the power of out of home advertising to draw attention to a number of alleged shocking statistics and create a stir across the country's media platforms. This move has followed January's leaking of the Operation Tiberious report, which suggested that organised criminals were able to infiltrate Scotland Yard by bribing corrupt officers.

    Metropolitan Police Poster OOH Advertising London

    Special Patrol Group attained notoriety with a similar campaign last year, which saw the Police cordon off areas in order to remove defamatory content against the force. 

    The new campaign has forced the Met Police to take action once again, with a spokesperson confiming that the owners of the advertising space had been contacted and asked to remove the posters.



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    There has been big news in the world of outdoor advertising this week, after the long-awaited announcement that JCDecaux is to take over "the world's biggest bus shelter advertising contract," according to Transport for London.

    The proposed move was reported in July, with JCDecaux named as TfL's preferred partner to take over the account from Clear Channel, who has been in control of the contract for the past decade. 

    JCDecaux London OOH Contract

    The move will see JCDecaux sell advertising space across 4,900 of TfL's bus shelters from 1 January 2016, with the transport provider stating that it will allow businesses and brands to have more access to innovative digital and interactive platforms, as well as providing the public with more relevant and localised information. 

    London's extensive bus network carries a staggering 6.5 million people each day, with almost 5,000 bus shelters in prime locations across the city and its boroughs. At Media Agency Group's specialist outdoor advertising sub-division, Out of Home International, we work closely with media owners such as JCDecaux to ensure that our clients' advertisements are located in fantastic locations that deliver great results for bus shelter advertising campaigns. Our campaigns are known for delivering brilliant results at affordable rates that guarantee high exposure.

    Media Agency Group's Senior Account Director, Steve Crawley, has many years of experience in the outdoor advertising industry. Speaking on the news of the new deal in place in London, he said:

    "This new contract is a really big deal in the world of outdoor media, as JCDecaux will invest heavily in terms of digitalising the shelters to take the number beyond the current 100. What will be interesting is how Clear Channel reposition themselves after losing their biggest foothold in the UK. I think it's only a good thing that JCDecaux are involved as they've been at the forefront of outdoor media for a number of years now."

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    Lord Alan Sugar's digital media company Amscreen has announced that it has signed a new partnership agreement with DigiCom, with the digital screen advertising business to take over ownership of Amscreen's 3,500 digital roadside and healthcare networks with immediate effect. It's a move that will see Amscreen take a step back from media sales in order to focus on its core business of software and hardware development.

    Lord Sugar Tom Goddard Amscreen OOH DigiCom
    Lord Alan Sugar, chairman of Amscreen
    DigiCom, which is run by Tom Goddard, will take charge of Amscreen's media sales and marketing activities across the UK, with Amscreen's current team members transferring to DigiCom as part of the deal. Amscreen, which is chaired by Lord Sugar and run by his son Simon, will continue to provide the hardware and software solutions for the business. It will also have continued full responsibility for the operation of the signage networks including monitoring, technical support and maintenance.

    Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen, said of the new partnership:

    "This move will allow us to concentrate on our core competencies of hardware and software development whilst the media operation will benefit from Tom Goddard's considerable experience in the OOH environment. We are delighted that we shall continue to work in a truly symbiotic fashion with Tom and believe that the media team will benefit significantly from his guidance and leadership." 

    It's not the first time that Amscreen and DigiCom have done business together, with the arrangement a reversal of sorts of the 2011 deal which saw Sugar's Amscreen purchase Goddard's previous sales and marketing operation. Goddard has been executive vice chairman of Amscreen since that deal was made, but will now stand down from that position. He will, however, remain in his other role as executive chairman of Ocean Outdoor.

    Goddard said:

    "Digital out of home is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing and most exciting sectors to be in. The Amscreen media network acquisition offers DigiCom a huge footprint across the UK and access to an excellent product powered by Amscreen. We look forward to bringing a range of new opportunities and offerings to the market in the coming months."

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    New digital advertising opportunities have arrived in two major UK cities recently, with innovative plans for three interactive screens in Birmingham announced, alongside the now-active 'Salford Arch' DOOH screen. 

    Three large digital screens have been installed near the newly-redeveloped Birmingham New Street railway station, bringing targeted advertisements to one of the busiest areas of the city. 

    Birmingham out of home advertising digital

    The state-of-the-art screens use innovative technology to 'scan' passers-by before choosing which adverts to play. The digital billboards will analyse rail passengers, shoppers and pedestrians to assess the current crowd's main demographic before showing strategically-targeted adverts through its unique 'eye-shaped' screens. 

    They have been installed in some prime advertising locations which will guarantee brands high exposure of their campaigns, with one above the main entrance to the station, another near the 'drop off zone' and a third at a busy walkway between the station and the famous Bullring shopping centre. 

    Further up north, "a new landmark for Salford" has been installed at the end of the M602 motorway. The 'Salford Arch' will bring fantastic digital advertising opportunities for brands, with the city's Mayor Ian Stewart claiming that JCDecaux's decision to install the screen in Salford "speaks volumes for the growth and success of [the] city." 

    Salford Arch DOOH advertising

    Martin Stephens, JCDecaux's Head of Planning, said of the new structure: 

    "The bespoke structure will provide an elegant architectural form that will enhance the transport corridor. The development will enhance the amenity of the area and introduce a form of development that is distinctive, visually stimulating and creative." 

    Interested in making the most of the new digital outdoor opportunities? Get in touch with our team of experienced advertising specialists today at Out of Home International today!

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    Coca-Cola has introduced a new advertising campaign to promote its Diet Coke range, retweeting messages of support from fans and displaying them in a range of surprising locations, including on custom jewellery, in magazines and on a giant billboard in New York City.

    Aimed at celebrating and surprising fans who show their love for Diet Coke on Twitter, the 'Retweets of Love' campaign started this week in Times Square, where professional artists transformed three fan tweets into eye-catching artwork to be displayed as digital billboard advertising

    "Bring me a Diet Coke with my name on it and I'll basically marry you."
    Diet Coke Advertising OOH
    "All you need is love and Diet Coke."
    Diet Coke advertising OOH
    "You know it's meant to be when you love someone more than Diet Coke!"
    Diet Coke OOH advertising

    Danielle Henry, the group director of integrated marketing content at Coca-Cola North America, said:

    "We've been connecting with our biggest and most passionate fans through social media for years, but we felt it was time to return that love in a way that's as big as our appreciation. A simple retweet just isn't enough for our loyal fans who love the great taste of Diet Coke. We can't wait for our Diet Coke enthusiasts to see their tweets reimagined into displays of affection that are as unique as they are."

    The campaign will continue until October, with designers and illustrators working with the brand to reimagine dozens of tweets. Diet Coke will be sharing photos and videos of the artwork developed throughout the campaign on its Twitter page. The campaign is the latest effort from Coca-Cola as it attempts to promote Diet Coke, which has suffered in terms of sales figures in recent years.

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    There's nothing better than an out of home advertising campaign that thinks outside the box - especially one that you can eat, too. Last week shoppers at London's Shepherd's Bush Westfield shopping centre were treated to some moreish marketing thanks to snack brand Nakd, who set up an edible billboard made up of its healthy fruit and nut bars.

    Nakd London advertising OOH edible

    The 'Find Your Fave' campaign aimed to showcase the variety of Nakd products available while positioning them as quick, healthy and convenient snacks. It offered Londoners the chance to take a product for free from a range of different flavours and styles. 

    Nakd, which was created by Natural Balance Foods, set up shop just outside of the busy shopping centre with the snack bars spelling out "Find Your Fave." The campaign is also being executed across social media through the #FindYourFave hashtag, which is being used across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Nakd OOH Advertising London

    Other advertising formats, including print and traditional out of home, will also accompany the edible billboard stunt - and will probably last a bit longer, too!

    This is the latest example of food and brink brands bringing their campaigns to life through this edible approach - earlier in the year Coca-Cola attracted attention in the US through their drinkable billboard campaign, whilst Carlsberg dispensed lager for thirsty passers-by from out of home ad in London.

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    A leading UK outdoor media owner has opened up its London digital network to provide brands and businesses with the opportunity to display their social content directly onto out of home formats.

    Exterion Media has partnered with a startup called Tint to bring branded social media adverts to digital outdoor screens, as well as in stores and on mobile devices.

    SOOH: Social out of home is coming to London
    Tint, which has been founded in San Francisco, is able to transform digital out of home media spots into working social content feeds which allow brands to post updates, promote events or advertise in real time. 

    The software enables businesses to draw content from across 13 different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, on their own personal 'Tint feed.' The link for this feed is then sent to Exterion who displays the content across outdoor media platforms.

    In an interview with Campaign Magazine, director of partnerships at Exterion Dan Cresta, said: 

    "Immediacy is a key benefit as it can allow brands to deliver current and relevant content to different moments, environments and audiences; however this partnership also gives brands the opportunity to surface content and opinions of brand advocates across a range of dynamic feeds to create branded led content with a human touch."

    Chosen out of home sites for the new initiative include several spots on the London Underground, the National Rail network and the famous Westfield London shopping centre.

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    Never a brand to adopt a conservative approach to its advertising style, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has received yet another slap on the wrist from an advertising watchdog following its highly controversial stunt in July which made light of the immigrant crisis in Calais.

    Paddy Power ran a series of outdoor advertisements to coincide with the wave of illegal immigrants boarding lorries in order to gain entry into the United Kingdom, claiming that immigrants should "jump in the back" providing they were good at sport.

    "Immigrants, jump in the back! (But only if you're good at sport!" read the ads, coupled with pictures of famous British sports stars who were born outside of England such as Jamaican-born footballer Raheem Sterling and Olympic gold medallist Mo Farah, who was born in Somalia.

    paddy power calais lorry banned
    The marketing stunt was deemed inappropriate by the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) and was subsequently banned after receiving a number of complaints. Now, The Guardian has claimed to have seen a draft ruling from the ASAI disclosing three guidelines that Paddy Power was said to have broken, relating to causing general offence, being offensive on grounds including race and in relation to sensitivity about diversity.

    Paddy Power defended its campaign on the grounds that it regularly coordinated stunts that it described as "edgy, humorous and engaging" and that, due to it mainly being distributed via social media, its intended audience would be receptive to the "mischief" element behind the ads.

    The ASAI, while acknowledging that Paddy Power social followers would understand that the campaign was intended as humorous, claimed that it "was nevertheless inappropriate for advertisers to refer to vulnerable groups, in a manner that highlighted their current high profile difficulties, in marketing communications merely to attract attention.

    In August, both Paddy Power agreed a multi-billion pound merger with Betfair in order to create one of the world's largest online gambling businesses. 

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    Everyone makes mistakes, and more often than not for most of us these will come in the form of typos and grammatical mistakes. An odd comma here, a misspelt word there; typos are a common feature in just about every industry, particularly those that rely on the written word to communicate with an audience.

    For writers in the advertising and marketing industries, typos are the ultimate arch-nemesis in the quest for creating content - no matter how many times you run spell check, you can guarantee that one will slip through the net at one time or another (except for here at Out of Home International, of course...)

    The severity of a typo can, of course, depend on which medium you're writing for. An accidental double space in a blog post isn't going to cause any long-term harm, for example, but for those of you who are tasked with showcasing your brand through a much more permanent medium, it can be a serious issue. 

    For those of you involved in outdoor advertising, you really do need to learn to proof your ad copy properly before plastering it over a billboard in front of millions. Proofing does indeed make perfect, so be sure to check your copy over, then check it again, then again, and then again. (Then you should probably get a colleague to look at it, too.)

    For these unfortunate copywriters (well, presumably former copywriters), their work will now be forever live in the billboard typo hall of shame. Here are 10 of the worst ever mistakes to have made it through the often-not-so-rigorous advert proofing process...can you spot them all?

    cincinnati state billboard mistake

    reebok typo on the subway in new york

    loon mountain billboard typo

    grammatical error in a billboard

    recruitment billboard spelling mistake

    apostrophe mistake from a children's learning centre

    incorrect use of 'their' on a shop advert

    mitt romney campaign poster misspells america

    typo on a construction sign

    porsche car ad spells the car name wrong

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  • 11/27/15--08:29: US OOH Market Up by 4.3%
  • Strong growth shows the industry is in a healthy state across the globe

    The American out of home (OOH) advertising industry has once again recorded strong growth figures, as the impact of digital continues to propel the industry forwards at an encouraging rate across the world.

    The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has found that advertising revenue in the third quarter of 2015 is up by 4.3% on the previous year, now accounting for $1.71 billion.

    McDonald's, Apple and Coca Cola are just three of the brands to invest heavily in OOH in the States

    This revenue increase marks the industry's 22nd consecutive quarter of growth, showing that traditional media continues to play a key role in marketing and advertising in the United States. 
    apple music billboard usa

    OAAA President and CEO, Nancy Fletcher, said:

    "OOH continues to demonstrate strong growth with seven of the top 10 product categories posting increases through the first nine months of this year.

    "OOH's third quarter growth almost tripled the GDP increase of 1.5%"

    The categories specified by Fletcher include Miscellaneous Services and Amusements, Retail, Media & Advertising, Financial, Government, Politics & Organisations, Communications and Automative Dealers and Services.

    The out of home industry in America continues to attract some of the world's biggest brands. The likes of McDonald's, Apple, Warner Bros, Coca Cola, Universal Pictures and Fox were all amongst the top ten advertisers who spent the most money on their OOH campaigns in the third quarter.
    out of home advert for blue planet aquarium
    OAAA Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Freitas, said:

    "OOH has a unique ability to amplify mobile and online marketing efforts, which is critical in today's digital world.

    "The reach capacity of OOH is stronger than ever because it's not a content-based medium and susceptible to the audience fragmentation facing other traditional media."

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    The crisp brand makes major marketing push for Christmas with 1,500 billboards

    English crisp brand Tyrrells has made its first foray into the world of traditional advertising, with a new campaign in London and the South East launched this week. 

    The out of home billboard campaign comprises of over 1,500 ad spots in an effort to play up to Tyrrells''posh' brand identity ahead of the Christmas period.
    tyrrells crisps advertisements
    Coining the slogan "life's a shindig," the campaign marks Tyrrells first effort at advertising in the traditional sense, having previously relied on word-of-mouth, social media and PR stunts to generate interest since launching back in 2002. 

    It's certainly worked for the Hereford-born brand, which has gone on to sell its products to 37 countries across the world and make nearly £50 million of sales in the year to August.

    "We've been growing faster than our competitors and we just feel that it's time to raise our awareness."

    In one of the most on-brand brand statements we've read recently, the company's brand marketing director, Jocelyn McNulty, said that the campaign is "a call to arms to say 'any gathering with the right attitude and the right crisps can become an event.'"
    tyrrells crisps
    Tyrrells has developed a reputation as a 'posh' crisp, and its advertising debut certainly plays up to this idea. McNulty continued: 

    "We're at a tipping point now where we've got the stage where we can make a big step forward and we're very ambitious about the future. We're now worth nearly £50 million, we've been growing faster than most of our competitors and we just feel that it's time to raise our awareness."

    Tyrrells has previously relied on social media and PR to raise brand awareness

    Tyrrells faces competition for the premium crisp crown from the likes of Burts and Pipers, with Walkers also forced to up its game with the launch of its Market Deli range.
    walkers market deli crisps
    McNulty describes this challenge as a welcome one, describing the market as a "healthy" with "lots of innovation and lots of activity."

    "What we're all trying to do is grow the market and what we're seeing is a shift towards premium hand-cooked crisps, from more mainstream crisps."

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    On a basic level, the human race has always printed messages for the masses to receive. In a modern world we still find the importance of mass communications and Out of Home is one of the advertising mediums dedicated to communicating with the masses.

    OOH communications date back as far as the 1790s, around the time when lithographic printing was first invented and it was not long before people realised that there was the potential for profit to be made from utilising said invention.

    Today, Out of Home advertising is very much part of the world's furniture with billboards and bus stop advertisements blending into cities everywhere, it's safe to say that outdoor advertising has integrated fully into our daily lives. To put this into perspective, 98% of the UK population are reached by an outdoor advertisement every week.
    Clear Channel Canada and Drake's '6God' billboard
    Drake's '6God' billboard towering over a highway in Toronto
    As technology develops further we find that the once relatively straight-forward advertising medium becomes more complex, more interactive and more creative, breaking down the barriers of OOH and coining terms such as DOOH. We can confidently inform you that OOH makes its way into your home along with you. Let's give you an example to show you exactly how outdoor advertising can make a humongous impression.

    Drake (the Canadian born rap artist) along with his record label Universal Music Canada purchased a single 30ft by 60ft billboard from Clear Channel Canada. The billboard stood tall over a highway in Toronto, Drake's hometown, and featured cryptic content that reached a lot further than just Toronto's passing residents and commuters.

    The parties involved successfully landed the accolade of 2015's most viral billboard. The standalone billboard managed to achieve 86 million media impressions, this whopping figure does not include broadcast coverage either. The campaign was successfully picked up by MTV, GQ, Time and Pitchfork as well as other media outlets around the world.
    Drake performing at Walmart Soundcheck
    What really stretched the reach of this campaign was the use of some incredibly effective content that managed to result in everybody from the average Joe to news reporters asking the question "what is that?", combined with the perfect location. Where better for people to snap, share and shout about Drake's billboard than Drake's hometown.

    All of the above came together to make the most impacting OOH campaign of 2015. At Out of Home International we understand the importance of out of home advertising, if you are looking to run an outdoor campaign and are looking for help from our specialist team then contact us now.

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    The success of out of home doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, and the developments that are being made within the sector seem to keep on increasing.

    Beacon technology lets brands have access to consumers when they're on the move via a mobile device. This month sees the first beacon-enabled campaign come to London buses for the Kung Fu Panda 3 release with the help of Shazam and Fox. 

    Beacon Technology

    Coming to commuters' mobile phones on the films release day on March 11th, those using the Shazam app will be given access to the trailer and the option to book cinema tickets. 

    The broadcasting company Fox will be able to reach a larger amount of people and gain access to a completely new audience base. Data from the campaign can also be analysed to help with future campaigns.     

    The knowledge that brands will be able to gain from this technology are way above what has previously been possible and mobile will no doubt be a crucial part of out of home advertising and its capabilities. 

    For information on how you can co-ordinate your out of home campaign and make an impact, contact us!

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    Exterion has been announced as Transport for London’s Media Partner for the London Underground following their successful 8 year relationship. The announcement follows an intense and competitive bidding process, culminating in the appointment of Exterion. 

    The contract means that Exterion are the sole providers for the advertising space sold on tubes and over 400 stations across the London underground network. For the first time, the contract covers the combined advertising space across the London Underground, London Overground, Tramlink, Docklands Light Railway, Victoria Coach station and the Elizabeth line (when it opens). The news filtered out on the 17th after the close of the London Stock Exchange, with Exterion exuberant after a fiercely competitive approach by JC Decaux left marketers wondering who would win out. The contract will run for 8 and a half years, starting on 1st October 2016.

    advertising tfl
    Graeme Craig, Director of Commercial Development at TfL, is quoted as saying: "We had highly competitive bids from the leading outdoor advertising companies in the world, reflecting the quality and value of our estate. We are delighted to be able to confirm that Exterion Media is our new media partner. We believe this partnership can be a catalyst for transforming our stations and the wider industry. The new contract will move away from the traditional concessionary approach to working together to deliver innovation and value on the best station network in the greatest city in the world."

    Shaun Gregory, CEO of Exterion, outlined the shared vision of the two companies, saying "Together, Exterion Media and Transport for London (TfL) have a bold vision for the London Rail and Underground estate that will transform the look and feel of advertising in the Capital, and the way that brands engage with consumers. We look forward to making this vision a reality using our expansive industry expertise, advanced data and insights, and our innovative network of partners, all of which has contributed to making this one of the best monetised, and most valuable advertising contracts in the world." 

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    "We do not intend to go down without a fight"

    British Home Stores, the retail giant which was last month entered into administration, has this week issued a rallying call for support. 

    The guerrilla marketing campaign is aiming to draw attention BHS' 11,000 staff that will lose their jobs if BHS goes under, and saw the company light up iconic landmarks nationwide with the Union Jack flag and the #SaveBHS slogan.
    save bhs campaign angel of the north
    It was coordinated by marketing boss Tony Holdway, who said: 

    "The campaign speaks on behalf of the 11,000 staff at risk and our millions of customers all over the UK who do not want to see another British institution disappear from the great British high street.

    "We ask that everyone join us in support of British Home Stores, tweet or Instagram us with your messages using #SaveBHS. We do not intend to go down without a fight."

    save bhs marble arch
    100-foot tall images were projected on Marble Arch and Wellington Arch on Monday evening, before the Angel of the North was lit up with the BHS message on Tuesday. The brand also tried to project the image onto Big Ben but were foiled by the police. Further activity is expected throughout the week. 

    Social media has been flooded with messages of support for the BHS brand as it hopes to avoid becoming the biggest loss to the high street since Woolworths demise eight years ago by attracting a new potential buyer to save its 164 stores across the UK.

    Keep up to the date with this campaign with the hashtag #SaveBHS. Follow @MediaAG and @OOHInt on Twitter for the latest marketing and out of home news.